Procedure and Fees of buying a property in Portugal

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Our team of professional and experienced staff will take down points to understand what your needs and requirements are.

They will than short list a few properties that meets your requirements and take you for visits, making sure you are aware of the surrounding and details of the property.


we guarantee to fight for our clients in order to make sure the negotiation is smooth and clear.


Once the property has been selected, we advise a lawyer that usually charges 2,000 euro to reviews all of the documents for the property and draws up a promissory contract. The promissory contract describes the property, identifies the owners and the buyers, outlines the terms of the purchase and the timeframe for completion. Once the promissory is signed by both parties the buyer pays the deposit to the seller. The balance payments is done on the date of the title deed.

 IMT (Property Transfer Tax)

for urban properties the IMT rates vary between 0% and 8% and a deductable amount is mentioned for each rate to calculate the payable IMT (according to the table bellow)

Stamp Duty

0.8% of purchase price, payable at the local tax before the final act of sale.

Notary fees and Land Registration fee

In total these come to approximately €600.


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