13 Unusual Ways To Beat The Heat And Stay Cool in Portugal This Summer

As the scorching summer heat sweeps across Europe, Portugal is no exception to the rising temperatures. Coping with extreme heat without solely relying on energy-consuming air conditioning is crucial for both our comfort and the environment. With Europe experiencing frequent heatwaves, it's essential to find sustainable ways to stay cool and comfortable. In this blog, we will explore 13 unusual yet effective ways to beat the heat during your summer in Portugal.



1. Fans over Air-Conditioning Ditch the power-hungry air conditioners and opt for fans instead. Fans are energy-efficient and can help keep the indoor temperature bearable. Create a cooling airflow by placing a fan across the room from an open window or pointing it out of a north-facing window to create a natural 'chimney effect.'

2. Take Charge of Air Flows Stay aware of the temperature difference inside and outside your home. When it's hotter outside, close windows and doors to keep the warm air out. Conversely, during cooler mornings and evenings, open windows to let in refreshing air.

3. Close Curtains and Blinds Prevent the sun from turning your home into a furnace by closing curtains and blinds on sunny windows. If you don't have shutters, use newspaper or cardboard to block excess sunlight.

4. Do Meal Prep Earlier Cooking generates heat, which can add to your discomfort on hot days. Prepare meals earlier in the day when it's cooler to minimize indoor heat.

5. Stay Cool as a Cucumber (Drink) Stay hydrated by drinking water regularly, and explore other refreshing beverages like cold or hot mint brews. Adding slices of cucumber to your water can make it even more revitalizing.

6. Stay Cool at Night Restless nights can make extreme heat unbearable. Try rolling a cold wet flannel around your neck before bedtime to cool down and improve your sleep quality.

7. Damp Sheets Inside Besides nighttime relief, damp sheets and clothes can provide comfort during the day. Leave wet sheets and clothes to dry inside, which helps to lower the room temperature.

8. Wear Loose Clothes Opt for loose-fitting clothes made from natural fibers like cotton and linen. These materials are breathable and absorb sweat, ensuring better air circulation around your body.

9. Repurpose Cooling Items Look for items around your home that you can repurpose to beat the heat. From hot water bottles filled with cold water to flasks used as cold drink retainers, get creative and stay cool.

10. Start Your Day Earlier Make the most of cooler hours by starting your day earlier. This will allow you to stay productive and motivated even during heatwave conditions. Incorporate some active time between 7 and 9 am for an energetic start.

11. Take a Lion’s Breath Cool down with a yogic technique called the 'lion's breath.' Open your mouth wide, stick out your tongue, take a deep inhale through your nose, and exhale with a loud sigh. This helps calm and cool your body.

12. Take a Nap Embrace the siesta culture of southern Europe by taking a nap during the hottest part of the day. Save tasks that require more concentration for cooler hours.

13. Enjoy a Cool Shower A refreshing shower can provide instant relief on sweltering afternoons. You can also pamper your feet by soaking them in a bowl of icy water.



In the face of rising temperatures and frequent heatwaves, it's essential to find sustainable ways to stay cool during the summer in Portugal. By implementing these 13 unusual yet effective strategies, you can beat the heat without relying heavily on energy-consuming solutions like air conditioning. Embrace the power of fans, optimize air flows, and take advantage of natural techniques such as closing curtains, wearing loose clothing, and enjoying refreshing drinks. Additionally, adjusting your daily routine, taking cool showers, and finding moments of relaxation can significantly contribute to your comfort. By prioritizing sustainable cooling methods, we not only ensure our own well-being but also play our part in mitigating the impact of climate change. So, this summer, stay cool, stay eco-conscious, and make the most of your time in Portugal.