Terreno na Ajuda


Oportunidade fantástica

Reference No: BLEN7570

Area: 2000

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Rustic land with the possibility of moving to urban, with a total area of ​​2000m².
Excellent location, between the University Pole of Ajuda (in expansion), the Liga Foundation, the Associação
Humanitarian of the Firefighters of Ajuda and the Monsanto Forest Park. Further away but sufficiently
nearby is the National Palace of Ajuda.
The terrain has a configuration of about 22 m deep and 55 m usable width. In the face of
other conditions and limitations contained in articles 49, 53, 54 and 55 of the Master Plan Regulation
Municipal de Lisboa, the possibility of building a five-storey residential building is considered,
a front of about 50 meters and a depth of 15 meters, with the remainder of the lot remaining as
public place.
This building perspective is in accordance with the indication inserted in article 54 of the PDM Regulation, in the
paragraph c) of point 2), that the maximum IUB (Gross Use Index) is 2 m² / m² that would be given to
2,000 total meters of land, a housing occupation of ± 4,000 m²
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Refrence No. BLEN7570
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