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Pensioners, retired foreign citizens or other foreigners living off of a recognized stable income, such as movable property, real estate, intellectual property or financial investments may apply for D7 Portuguese Visa.

Portuguese legislation provides for a special visa – D7 Visa – that allows foreigner citizens, who wish to reside in Portugal as retirees or live on their own income, regardless of age, the entrance in Portugal in order to obtain a residence permit, provided that they can prove to have sufficient income to provide them with means of livelihood. This income can come from pensions, real estate rentals, investments, among others.

Family Reunification

Members of the family, of the residence permit obtained via a D7 visa are also entitled to a residence permit, based on family reunification statute.

Resident’s Rights

Without prejudice to the application of special provisions and other rights provided in the law or any international convention to which Portugal is a party, the holder of a residence permit shall be entitled to, without the need for a special authorization regarding his or her foreign status, the following:

  • Access to the National Health Service;
  • Possibility To Request For Permanent Residency
  • Access to the Portuguese National Education Service and schools;
  • Exercise of any work activity as an independent professional;
  • Access to Portuguese Vocational schooling, initial and further professional training and retraining;
  • Access and protection from the Portuguese Law and legal system.
  • Free movement within the Schengen countries
  • Family reunification (immediate family members).
  • Ability to get the NHR status (none habitable residence)

To Present Your Application, You Will Need

  • Application form
  • Passport or other valid travel document;
  • Two identical passport size photos; with blank background, and easily identifiable;
  • Valid travel insurance, with coverage for all medical expenses, including urgent medical assistance and possible repatriation;
  • Application for Criminal Record consultation by Portuguese Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF);
  • Certificate of criminal records issued by his/her home country of origin or the country where the applicant resided for more than one year;
  • Proof that the applicant has adequate accommodation;
  • Proof of health insurance coverage;
  • Document providing the amount of pension OR
  • The minimum income requirements vary depending upon the number dependants the main
    the applicant wishes to include. Minimum income requirements apply as follow:
  •  Main Applicant: 100% of the current minimum wage- €7,980per annum
  • Spouse or parents: 50% of the current minimum wage each – €3,990 per annum
  • Dependant children: 30% of the current minimum wage each – €2,394 per annum
  • It is advisable to hold a minimum amount equal to 12 months income within a Portuguese
    bank account. 


  • A main applicant is entitled to include the following dependant family members within their application:
  • A spouse or partner
  • A minor or incapacitated child
  • Children older than 18 who are single and studying in an educational establishment in Portugal
  • Dependant parents of the main applicant or their spouse
  • Minor siblings, who are legally deemed to be in the care of the main applicant

Renewals and Minimum Stay Requirements

This visa is designed at those who intend to live in Portugal and so, except in the case of duly justified personal or professional reasons, a temporary residence holder is expected not to spend more than 6 consecutive months or 8 non-consecutive months outside of Portugal each year.


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