Did you buy your first home? The essential checklist for new owners

Your home is your castle. This is the place where you can relax and feel safe. At home there is a special atmosphere that we create with our hands and minds.


Before you choose a dream home, think about some factors, which can influence your everyday mood.


Here are the main of them:


Costs that make you comfortable.


Try not to stretch yourselves to the furthest reaches of your budget. There are more costs to consider than just the monthly mortgage payment.


You will also pay local taxes, monthly utility costs, and association fees when purchasing. You can ask your agent to contact the sellers. They will provide the average monthly and yearly payments.


Type of property. Do you want to live in a house or apartment? 


Each of them has pros and cons. To understand what is better for you, write down both sides and define your main priorities. For example, you are dreaming about a private garden with a pool and kids’ playground. If it is your main priority, then you will manage with higher maintenance costs and spending more time cleaning it. 


The neighborhood and surrounding area. 


This factor matters a lot. Your property does not exist in a bubble. It’s a part of a larger community that you will exist in on a daily basis. Think about what you want to have around your home? Do you like isolation and tranquility or hustle-bustle and a lot of motion? What view do you want to have every morning from the window? 


The right amount and usage of space.  


Pay attention to the floor plan, if a seller gave it to your agent. The property can have enough square meters, but it will occur smaller than you think. 


For example, there are 3 bedrooms and a living room. But bedrooms take most of the space and the living room is too small.


The potential for future projects. 


Keep an eye on how much customization will be required in each property you see. Be honest with yourself about how much of that work you will be able to handle. 


Buying a dream house is a responsible task. It is not as easy as buying vegetables in a grocery store. But if you think it over and make a plan, it will be much easier.


We know what questions to ask before buying a property for our clients.


Our agents will focus on what you really need. Don't hesitate to contact us and get a free consultation about the buying or selling process.