Portugal won the first place in the nomination “Americans’ most wanted country for living in 2022”.

Portugal won the first place in the nomination “Americans’ most wanted country for living in 2022”. Last year it took second place after Spain. How do we know that?

The research blog “My Dolce Casa” analyzed Google data by the number of U.S. queries such as “moving to”, “living in”, “retiring in” etc.. They took 27 EU countries. People searched Portugal as a country to live in for 41,200 times per month, which was 30% more than the last year.


So, what attracts Americans in Portugal:


A California-like year-round nice weather. There are no unpleasantly hot or hot months in Portugal. January and February are the coldest, July and August are the warmest.


  1. A laid back lifestyle. Portuguese like to enjoy precious moments of life. They never hurry during their lunch time.
  2. Safety. Portugal has a stable socio-political environment and low crime rate.
  3. The availability of visas that give non-EU citizens residency rights, such as the Golden Visa and the D7 visa. By the way, our company has a great variety of properties, eligible for the Golden Visa.
  4. Affordable real estate prices. Houses in Portugal are 3-5 times cheaper than in California and Northeastern United States. An average price per square meter is currently 135$.
  5. Lower cost of living compared to the United States. Living In Portugal is 42 percent cheaper than living in the USA in terms of both daily expenses and housing prices.


Portugal is a country of kind and sincere people. It is very attractive for those who like calmness, mild climate, beautiful nature and friendly surroundings. So, if you ever make a decision to move to one of the European countries, choose with your heart. And don’t be scared, only you can create your life. Happiness is always worthy of risk. 


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