Retire in Portugal

Retire in Portugal


What associations come to your mind

when you are thinking about retirement?


Rest, travel, do what you like, not what you have to, read all books you ever wanted, but didn't have time for, study to play the piano, enjoy freedom and plan the day according to your wants.


This list can be very long. Everyone will have a huge amount of points of WHAT to do when you retire. 


Have you ever thought of WHERE do you want to retire?


Portugal has been recognised as the best place in the world to retire to in 2023 according to the Annual Global Retirement Index from International Living.


Why do people choose this country?


There are 7 facts about Portugal. One of them is not correct. Find it and write the number in comments.


  1. The people of Portugal are very kind and genuine.
  2. Portugal safety is ranked 6th in the Global Peace Index.
  3. High-quality healthcare, both public and private.
  4. Portugal is known for fresh drinkable water.
  5. Portugal has easy-to-navigate roads.
  6. There is a large expat community in Portugal.
  7. Living in Lisbon is cheaper than in the inland areas.


To retire in Portugal a couple needs approximately 2,500 to 3,000 per month. It depends on the lifestyle and whether you own or rent.


It is very important to love the place you live in. If you are still not there, just think about it.


If you choose Portugal for retirement or investment, welcome to our company. We'll help to find a new home or any kind of property for investment in Portugal.